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"Chelle has put together a dream team of accomplished performers. This group completely rocks!"
Russ Jennings, Common Soul Productions

CHELLE! and Friends, commemorates the music of Mardi Gras, New Orleans, and celebrates it’s Creole people and their remarkable music. Michelle Jacques was born in New Orleans. She began this journey to find out what it means to be Creole, to understand her culture, her language and her history and after the devastation of Katrina in 2005, her mission has evolved into her determination to keep the history and the music of New Orleans alive. Michelle has been awarded the 2008 City of Oakland, Individual Artist grant to make this dream come alive.

From the joyous mix of Spirituals, the pulsating rhythms of the Wild Magnolias' HERC JOLLY JOHN, and Irma Thomas' YOU CAN HAVE MY HUSBAND, to Nina Simone’s ode to peace “COME YE”, CHELLE! And Friends will take you on a musical and historically rich roller coaster ride that you won’t soon forget! 

CHELLE! and Friends is made up of some of the most distinguished and accomplished musicians in the San Francisco Bay Area.

CHELLE! And Friends perform music that is vibrant and alive with the driving voices of artistic director and founder New Orleans native MICHELLE JACQUES, RHONDA CRANE, JAY LAMONT and BRYAN DYER, DONNA VISCUSO AND KEN "SNAKEBITE" JACOBS on woodwinds, SAM BEVAN on bass and BOB SCOTT  on drums.

With drums, percussion, bass, horns and powerful voices, CHELLE! And Friends delivers a musically rich performance of Jazz, R&B, world music and Spirituals, that transcends ethnic boundaries, uplifts, brings news, protests, motivates and honors our richness and diversity.