"Urban Music Presents has been a great vehicle for live music in the Bay Area.  Stephanie's love for Latin Jazz has given that community a tremendous presence online and her newsletter has become a great resource for local venue owners."

- Flicka McGurrrin, Owner, Pier 23 Café

Community Partners

Urban Music Presents partners with other community organizations by tapping into its proprietary wide network of musicians and experienced event staff to produce live music fundraising concerts for local non-profits. Examples include:
  • The SionFonds (www.sionfonds.org) concert fundraiser featured performances by The Latin Jazz Youth Ensemble, Sombre y Luz, Ray Obiedo and Mambo Caribe, John Santos and the Bay Area Latin Jazz All-Stars and raised $11,000 that sent a ship container filled with food and supplies that went directly to the Sionfonds Orphanage and Schools. February 28, 2010. Received attention from KTVU, EastBay Express. This organization is operated by Haitians in Haiti, but has an American Board of Directors located in the Bay Area.
  • LitQuake Silent Auction Fundraiser, www.litquake.org fundraiser of $4,000 to support the annual Litquake Festival that supports literacy in the Bay Area community. Was Artistic Director for the tribute award show to Lawrence Ferlinghetti that featured the Marcus Shelby Quartet, Tom Waits, Patty Smith and Steve Earle.
  • Artistic Director Salsa for Obama that featured John Santos, Anthony Blea, Dr. John Calloway, Orlando Torriente, David Flores, David Belove, Murray Low, Steffen Kuehn, Marty Wehner, Jeff Cressman, Melecio Magdaluyo, Bill Ortiz, Sandy Cressman, Edgardo Cambon, Javier Navarrette, Louie Romero, and Wayne Wallace, raised $22,000. Received attention from Huffington Post.
  • Do Not Evict Jelly’s A Dance Cafe Protest Rumba and Petition (this was a San Francisco live music venue that has long supported local community events) - received attention from KTVU, SF Weekly and EastBay Express.
  • The Jazz Mafia’s Brass Bows and Beats Fundraiser which helped underwrite tour expenses for this San Francisco based 60 piece Hip-Hop Symphony that performed in 2010 at The San Jose Jazz Festival, Playboy Jazz Festival, Monterey Jazz Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, and the Rhode Island Jazz Festival. Received attention from Eastbay Express, SF Weekly, SF Chronicle.