Red Poppy Art House

The Red Poppy is a beautiful little venue in the heart of the Mission that celebrates music and the arts daily.

No UMP shows currently scheduled at the Red Poppy


About Red Poppy

Artistry & Cultural Innovation in an Urban Residential Setting

The Red Poppy Art House was founded for the purpose of establishing a hub for artistic life in the Mission District of San Francisco. Implicit in this description is the distinction of a ‘hub of artistic life” as being different from an arts presenting organization. The Art House was founded out of San Francisco’s need for centers of cultural-artistic life that embody three core elements that we’ve identified as constituting the fertile ground necessary for the germination of a vibrant community of artistic peers. Without a creatively intensive community of peers, our city will have little power to attract new artists, while at the same time our capacity to retain local artists, ones excelling in their discipline, will diminish as they leave in search of a more vigorous artistic life in other cities or countries. In a small but concentrated way, the Art House has endeavored to forge such a community, diverse in both discipline and cultural root, aimed at integrating artistic excellence into local non-arts community life.

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